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First Impressions

All I see is beauty. Glamure Babes is loaded with beautiful girls, at least as presented by the tour. They`re young, they`re pretty and they look like amateurs, which makes seeing them get naked and show us their perfect frames even more exciting. The site tells you that almost all the girls are Lithuanian with the exception of a few that come from Latvia and Estonia. These are all hot Euro chicks and that makes it even more appealing. They have the exotic looks of Euro hotties but they really need more content on the tour. Right now it`s just a video clip and a few pictures. More means I`m more interested!

Hot Promises

They promise two updates a week and then a little bit below that you can see that they`re only updating once a week, which is a little annoying. Maybe they add one video and one picture gallery per week and they`re only displaying the picture sets on the tour. They also promise high definition videos, high resolution images, artistic content and exclusive girls that you`ve never seen before. I believe that last statement because none of the lovely ladies look even a little bit familiar. That`s a good thing though.


Inside you`ll discover that they are indeed updating twice a week. One is a video and the other is a picture gallery. They have the nine latest additions right on the main page with a tasty preview picture from each. They also have a few advertisements for other sites, a brief welcome message and links to the two content sections of the site. You can go right to the picture galleries or the videos of the sexy solo babes or you can pay a visit to the model list if you want to see a fine collection of Eastern European hotties aiming to turn you on.

They have 25 models as of July 2009 and with more than 170 galleries and 35 videos it`s clear that the girls show up for multiple sets. I say thumbs up to that because these chicks are smoking hot and it would be a pleasure to see them naked over and over again. That`s the opportunity they afford me here and I`m not about to pass it up. On each model`s page you`ll see a list of the galleries she`s done with a thumbnail for each. If she`s done a video you`ll find that at the bottom of the page.

The women of Glamure Babes are beautiful Eastern European hotties and they get naked in every picture gallery and video. This is basically an erotica site so you`re not going to see them fingering their pussies or riding toys or anything. They are here to get naked and show off their sexy bodies from every angle imaginable. All they want is for you to be happy and preferably highly aroused when you watch them play naked. If you want to see pussy and tits on beautiful Euro chicks this is a great place to do it.

Navigation is a little too simple. They have a list of the galleries, a list of the videos and a list of the models. There`s no search function so you can determine what you`d like the models to be wearing or where you`d like the set to be located. There aren`t enough models to need a search function for them but some day the site will hopefully be much bigger and then it will become a genuine problem. With any luck they`ll have a system in place to take of that before it becomes a problem.

At Glamure Babes they dress the ladies in all kinds of outfits. There are bikinis, tight tops, tee shirts, sweaters, lingerie, skirts, short shorts, bra and panty sets and more. The important thing is that there`s a whole bunch of variety at your fingertips. My favorite model is a hottie named Loreta. She`s an elegant beauty with dirty blonde hair, plump lips that she frequently has glossed up, big eyes and a lean, tight body with great tits. She shows off those tits in every picture set and just like the other girls she loves it when you watch. She`s doing this modeling in part because it turns her on to know that someone is out there with his eyes on her fantastic body.

The picture galleries are high resolution at 2000px and they have a small version at 800px if you prefer. There are no zip files though, which is a shame. It`s nice to be able to build a collection on your hard drive and you`ll have to save every single picture if you want to do that here. The videos are high resolution and they look awfully nice. They don`t have nearly as many of them as they have of the pictures but that`s because they launched with a ton of images and have been slowly adding videos since then.

In the movies the girls are sultry and sensual. They move their bodies lustily, showing you how naughty they can be. At the very least they`re putting thoughts into your head that are going to swim around for hours turning you on over and over again. You`re going to see those dance videos and dream of being with those girls, doing dirty things to them because they did such a good job turning you on.

I like almost all the models at Glamure Babes but a few of them don`t live up to my expectations for an erotic art porn site. They should be flawlessly beautiful and some of these ladies aren`t. Perhaps their tactic is to bring in chicks that seem normal and give you a girl next door type feel. I`ll just say that if you`re looking for incredibly beautiful, supermodel-type girls then you should probably consider another site because these ladies will not blow your mind in that way. They`re hot but they`re not the cream of the crop. I like the whole girl next door with a European twist thing that they`re doing.

Croco’s Opinion

Glamure Babes is a hot erotic porn site featuring girls from Eastern Europe. It`s well executed and if you like the girls they feature then you`re going to love the site. Most of these ladies are in the second tier of European beauties ` they`re not quite the supermodel quality chicks you see on other sites but they`re still quite beautiful. They pose in all kinds of outfits and they look beautiful in everything. They strip to show their tits and their pussies and they smile lustily while turning you on. There are picture galleries at 2000px and high resolution videos for download. They should have zip files and a search function to look through the content but they don`t. They update twice a week and while the site is currently a little small, at least in this genre it will grow and there`s already enough to spew multiple loads.


They`ve made navigating the site easy but as it gets bigger they will require a search function of some sort of help you find what you want.

Pricing Policy

It`s $29.99 every 30 days.

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